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The ADDIE Game (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate)

Make up a reasonable problem scenario for your organisation where people need to be introduced, e.g. “The manufacturing department is bringing in 20 temporaries to help with the peak season. They want us to build a short activity that will allow the permanent employees to meet and introduce themselves to the temporaries.” Break the group into small teams. Have them to discuss and create a solution using the ADDIE model:

Analyze the problem — Is it a training problem? If they decide that it is not a training problem, then remind them that most problems can be solved by following an ADDIE type approach.
Perform a short task analysis — How do people get to know each other?
Design the activity — Develop objectives, sequence.
Develop the activity — Outline how they will perform the activity and trial it.
Implement — Have each small team in turn, introduce themselves in front of the group using the activity they created.
Evaluate — Give prizes to the most original, funniest, etc. by having the group vote.
This activity allows them to learn about each other’s problem solving styles and instructional development methods; it also introduces the members to each other. This method can also be used to introduce the ADDIE method to new trainers.

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